Surface Metal Treatments

2 Effe Engineering was founded in 1997, from years of experience by Eng. Gianpaolo Marconi in the field of diffractometric detection of residual stress and it has, since the beginning, been characterized by investment in Research, Experimentation and Technological Innovation. 

2effe headequarter

The Company began operating in the field of material analysis and the experience it has gained over the years led them to directly develop some types of surface treatments.

Research, combined with Production, has made it possible to exploit, over the years, interesting synergies, thus allowing 2Effe Engineering to reach a position of excellence in the field of metal surface treatments and metal improvement, also on an international level.

2effe lab

Another partner company of 2 Effe Engineering is 2 Effe Lab S.r.l. based in Veneto region, which deals with the analysis of stress through the use of strain gauge technique.

2 Effe Engineering also looks at the future and, in this period, it is building new commercial relationships and international partnerships with particular interest to developing countries, especially India and Asian countries. 

In 2011 the Company was awarded the Prize OK ITALIA, Aggregation and Internationalization, sponsored by Unicredit and dedicated to companies who, thanks to networks, can win the challenge of international markets.

As a natural consequence of its quality policy, in 2003 2 Effe Engineering was awarded some certifications.