Fields of Application

Our services and our treatments respond to the needs of different industries and adapts to the requirements of different customers. 

Here below is the detail of our main treatments application fields.

Metalization HVOF


  • Oil and gas valves
  • Steam turbine blades
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Rolling mill cylinders
  • Cylinders for paper
  • Hydraulic turbine components
  • Endothermic engine cylinders
  • Wear exposed mechanical components
  • Transmission organs
  • Piston rods 
  • Turbine blades


  • Gear wheels
  • Transmission organs
  • Piston rods
  • Turbine blades
X-ray Diffraction


  • Detection of retained austenite content
  • Residual stress caused by welding
  • residual stress caused by shot peening
  • residual stress caused by rolling
  • residual stress caused by mechanical treatments
  • detection of grinding burns
  • residual stress caused by heat treatments
  • phase analysis
Shot Peening


  • transmission components
  • gear wheels
  • piston rods
  • springs
  • turbine blades
  • screws and bolts
  • weld seam
  • alloy car rims
  • Pelton impeller
  • Cycle components