Electron Microscope Analysis

Thanks to two electron scanning microscopes which can get enlargements up to 300.000X, 2Effe Engineering can offer a precise electron microscope analysis.

In particular, one of the microscopes has an EDS microprobe and the other can generate digital images.

Using these instruments, the Company can perform different types of electron microscope analysis; some of them are listed below:

  • Micrographic observation of organic and inorganic surfaces.
  • Microfractographic study to determine fractures’ morphology.
  • Measurement of surface coatings (coppering, nickel-plating, chromium-plating, PVD, CVD).
  • Testing of pollution particles on filter membranes.
  • Assessment of asbestos fibres for recovery interventions in working environments.
  • Backscatter electron imaging with back scattered electron detector.
  • Mapping and distribution of elements, for the identification of different phases with EDX microanalysis.
  • Line Profile.
  • Evaluation, identification and distribution of inclusions.
  • Identification of corrosive elements.